Super Bowl Ads 2010: the Good, the Bad, and the (not-so) Controversial

Not only did a record number of viewers watch the Super Bowl (106.48 million, beating out the M*A*S*H finale), a record amount of ad time aired, clocking in at 47 minutes and 50 seconds. Here’s some of the best, some of the worst, one that was supposed to be controversial and wasn’t and one that was one (former) late-night star away from becoming an undisputed classic.

The Good:

Snickers: The Celebrity Sack commercial featuring Betty White and Abe Vigota topped USA Today’s Ad Meter. Betty White is on right now. I think she’s the grandma some of us secretly would love to have.

Doritos: The “House Rules” was a clear favorite of the night. There were around 35,000 tweets about the brand during the game, and two-thirds of them were sent after this ad.

Google: Simple and effective, just like the brand. It came in no.2 in Brand Bowl 2010, which measures talk and positive sentiment. This was my personal favorite of the night.

The Bad:

The no-pants trend was worst than the “girls make the world miserable” trend. Docker’s “I Wear No Pants” was the worst. To pile on the problems, the site didn’t work after the ad.

Bud Select 55: This was listed as the worst of the worst in Brand Bowl. Mullen is offering free creative to Anheuser-Busch for next year’s game. I think that they were on with their other brands ads (I loved the LOST Bud Light ad). I guess they figured a watered-down beer deserved a watered-down ad.

Go Daddy’s “Danica’s Massage” was the picked as the worst in USA Today’s Ad Meter. And for good reason. Go Daddy’s in-house produced ads go for the lowest common denominator, and are part of the reason that some NASCAR fans are anti-Danica.

The (not-so) Controversial

Focus on the Family: The editing that Focus on the Family did took away the message from the ad. In the end, the hoopla turned out to be nothing. The ad still worked for Focus on the Family; it came in 3rd in Brand Bowl.

Dave/Oprah/Jay: Jay Leno is now advertising for his competitor? Dave wanted Conan for the ad as well, which would have made this the best promo ever, instead of the best promo of the night. Still, this 15 second spot got plenty of attention for both Dave AND Jay.


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