Ravelympics Day 4

Finished: Aerial Unwind Event (Old Citron). I would post pictures…but its just a ball of yarn. Not too exciting. :/ Finished at 10pm on 2/12.

Cast-on: New Citron. I’m through the first section of the shawl body. Casted on early this morning and still at the point where it’s moving fast.

Felicity. Stockinnette stitch. In sock yarn on size 1 needle. Almost done with the first 3.5 inches of the crown, then get to switch to size 3.  This has already gotten tedious and I’m looking forward to getting to the body of the hat which with eyelets will provide some tiny bit of interest. Cast on during the Opening Ceremonies.

Disqalified: Chapeau Marnier. Not the right yarn for the pattern. Might come back to it at some point. Still looking for a replacement pattern for the yarn, but thinking I might not get to a third project anyway.


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