Brushes with fame…kind of.

I love Twitter. This is no secret. My favorite part of Twitter is interacting with people that you most likely would never get a chance to interact with. And you know, that for the 30 seconds it took for them to read the tweet and @reply back, they cared about you. Like that time that I tweeted I was watching Carson Daly for the first time since his TRL days…and he replied “Welcome back Jess”. Like seriously…he didn’t even just use my Twitter handle but instead used the shortened form of my name that I prefer.  And it kind of made my night.

Or the time in a class on media planning where I tweeted this…

I love that anytime I learn something about advertising, I try to figure out who has that job in Mad Men. This class seems to be about Harry.

I didn’t mention Rich Sommer at ALL in that tweet…and yet he found it and responded that every class should be about Harry.

And then there is the time that Marty Smith, a favorite NASCAR reporter starting with my early days of NASCAR fandom (used to look forward to Track Smack every week. When he left for ESPN…I kind of slowly trailed of from reading that) couldn’t get over owning the jumbo box of Crayola crayons that was the pinnacle of cool in my elementary school days.

And then today…I opened up Ryan McGee’s new NASCAR blog on and was pleasantly surprised to see my insignificant @reply to him about where I was the day that Dale Earnhardt died. It wasn’t eloquent. It wasn’t moving and not as good as others stories. (As previously mentioned in this blog, that day was the first time I watched NASCAR. In fact, I turned on the race just minutes before Dale’s wreck.)

All of these moments are completely insignificant to anyone who isn’t me. But hey…they made my day.


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