Ravelympics Day 12

Finished: Felicity. And whoa boy this hat gave me trouble. I didn’t necessarily swatch before the games, and therefore had gauge issues. The pattern calls for a worsted weight…I used sock weight yarn. Big difference!  I ended up tearing out 3 inches that I had knit on a size 1 needle and reknit on a size 3, which was PERFECT! (Moved up to a 5 for the last 2 inches of the crown, and then a 6 for the eyelets) It’s a cute hat, and knit relatively quickly once I had gauge straightened out and remembered my project! ( Left my project bag on the bed when I left this weekend, causing some delays)

Project Specs: Felicity by Wanett Clyde in Malabrigo Sock color: Impressionist Sky. Knit on Knitpicks Nickel Circulars size 3, and Harmony Options size 5 and 6. Started approx 10pm on 2/12, finished 2:15 am 2/23.


Now I have until Sunday at midnight to finish Citron! The point I’m at now, there are a lot of stitches on the needles. And more are coming. A little tedious, but I have motivation to finish.


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  1. Well done! And what a gorgeous colour, so vibrant. I can totally imagine someone with blue eyes wearing this hat, and it really bringing out their eye colour in quite a startling way! (I have the oddest thoughts sometimes!)

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