Final Ravelympics Thoughts (or the Bob Costas sit-down in front of the fireplace in the International Broadcasting Center)

Remember how I said I always wanted to be an Olympian? Part of the Olympic experience? Sitting in front of the fake fireplace with Bob Costas wearing tweed. Lots of tweed. And the athlete talks about his/her experience at the Games. And it’s no different with Ravelympics. Here is the transcript of my interview with Bob. (Actual Olympic thoughts coming soon.)

(Visuals: Bob Costas is wearing tweed. Lots and lots of tweed. I have handknits. Steven Colbert is in the fake fireplace. I’m not sure why. He doesn’t contribute anything. Other than to show how fake the NBC coverage is.)

Bob Costas: Jessica Lynn is a 22 year old college student from Ohio State. She first picked up knitting needles in 2005 when her grandmother taught her to knit. It took a while (months) for her to actually catch on. But once she did, she was unstoppable. The 2010 Vancouver Winter Ravelympics was her second go-around, having previously participated in the 2008 Bejing Summer Ravelympics where she medaled in Gift Knits Pentathlon, Mitten Melody and Sockput, completing 2 projects.  This year she was entered in 2 Hat Halfpipe events, 2 Stash Compulsory Dances, Single Skien Speed Skate, Aerial Unwind and Short Track Shawls, competing with 4 projects. When the flame went out, she had medaled in 5 out of her 7 events and completed 3 projects.

So Jessica, you didn’t quite get everything done that you wanted. How do you feel?

Jessica Lynn: Well Bob, I’m quite happy with the final results. Just to finish something is an accomplishment. But to get thee projects done, two knit in a not so large gauge makes me quite happy.

Bob: You started out great. Your first project was completed only an hour into the event.

Jessica: Yeah. Aerial Unwind was a great way to start the Ravelympics. It was something I was confident I could get done quickly and move on to bigger things.

Bob: But it wasn’t all smooth sailing. Can you talk about some of the mishaps you had?

Jessica: Yeah. I had some difficulty with the first run of the Hat Halfpipe. I just didn’t have the right equipment. The second run, I switched out needles and everything was perfect. There was a slight delay in the second weekend where my equipment bag was left behind when I moved locations, but I was able to recover from that relatively okay.

Bob: And then there was the crash and burn.

Jessica: I had a second chance to complete the Hat Halfpipe, and this time, it wasn’t the needles that were giving me problems, the yarn just wasn’t working. After two fantastic flame outs, I gave up. Nothing was working out with that. I decided to give up and move on to bigger things.

Bob: Finally, you competed in Short Track Shawls. Can you talk about your experience in this event?

Jessica: Yeah. That name “short track” is a little misleading. *laugh* At the end, I was knitting 1284 stitches per row and that was a little overwhelming. It was taking about 45 mins per lap at the end. I found myself running out of steam at the end. But I kept my eye on the clock and knew if I pushed myself, I could get it finished. And I did! It was close, but I ended up finishing on the right side of the clock!

Bob: Did your outside commitments affect your competitions?

Jessica: A little. I had some papers due, and tests. Luckily, one of the good things about stockinette is that you can really do it anywhere. I read stuff on the internet with the auto-scroll held down and knit through that. Even ended up knitting through a lovely performance of Disney on Ice.

Bob: Well now it’s all over. 17 days of furious knitting. I’m sure you are thankful that you don’t have to pick up knitting needles for a while.

Jessica: Actually Bob, I started a new project last night. Participating in Ravelympics really got me motivated and was the thing that I needed to jumpstart my knitting. I had been suffering from burn-out before, now I’m just really enjoying it.

Bob: Jessica, congratulations on everything you accomplished. Will we see you in 2012 for the London Summer Ravelympics?

Jessica: Of course Bob! I’m looking forward to it already.


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