Six Things I’ll Remember About Vancouver

Lest we forget…Ravelympics wasn’t the only thing going on the past two weeks. There was the real, sporting Olympic Games in Vancouver. And while I was participating in Ravelympics, I was also watching the Olympics.  I love the Olympics.  I’ve been missing them since the flame went out Sunday. I wonder if it’s too early to have a countdown to London (or Sochi. I really love the Winter Olympics the most)? And other than NBC’s horrid coverage (yeah, we see Lindsay Vonn. You can stop showing her anytime now….and get back to the event so maybe we can see it live?),  I loved Vancouver. Here are the 6 things that I’ll remember about these games.

1. Tears

There were a lot of tears during this Olympics. I cried tears of joy and tears of sadness. It all started with the Visa commercial. You know the one…you probably got teary too. Morgan Freeman tells us how Dan Jansen promised his sister he would win, and then he wiped out. He won 6 years later and named his daughter Jane. Go World indeed. The P&G ads with Olympic moms also made me a little emotional the first time around (okay…and the second. Maybe third.)

It was devastating to watch the coverage of the luge accident leading to the death of Georgian Nodar Kumaritashvili and the aftermath. Especially when they showed his hometown and teammates. (It certainly was a devastating blow to the Vancouver Organizing Committee that was already dealing with problems. I thought that this was next in line for a horrible Olympics)

I cried for wins too. Evan Lysacheck. Lindsay Vonn. Kim Yu-Na.

And then there was Joannie Rochette. That was so hard to watch. I am very close to my mom, and was imagining how I would feel. I know I wouldn’t be able to skate in the Olympics 2 days after she died. I was waiting for her to fall, knowing I would lose it. And she didn’t. She skated beautifully. I loved that the commentators stayed silent both times she skated…and both times Scott Hamilton’s voice was cracking and made me lose it. And when she got her medal. And when she skated her exhibition program…uuuuhhhh. It was heartbreakingly beautiful What an extraordinarily brave young woman.

2. Shaun White

This dude…He’s amazing. I love that he had the medal and didn’t need to do a darn thing, and yet came flying down and he landed that Double McTwist 1260. And he’s entertaining. I’m jealous of his hair too.

3. Apolo Ohno

Also amazing. I loved reading his tweets during the games. He always kept his head up. There was some controversy on the internet about the 500m, and his comments afterward. I think he was just talking in the heat of the moment; this was just minutes after his final solo race. And I do think he had a point… (Side note: Apolo’s Dancing with the Stars season is on Hulu in its entirety. I think you should go watch it)

4. Hockey

Why haven’t I been watching hockey? Really? It’s up my alley. A little violent. Fast-paced. I might have to start enjoying this. I loved the USA/Canada games. Both of them. I wish the results would have been reversed, but in the Gold Medal game, USA never gave up, and almost beat Canada at their own sport. (Can you imagine? That would have been devastating to the host country. )

5. US Figure Skating

They did so good! I was happy that we had a good representation (except for pairs, but we’ll get there). I’m amazed at how many talented ice dancers we have now. I used to dislike ice dancing, I think because the US didn’t have anyone good. Now they’ve got me cheering for Wolverienes (Darn you Olympics. This is the second time you’ve gotten me to root for someone from the School Up North. I only feel okay with this because they’re not actually competing for them. Just getting an education)

Men’s competition was amazing. I think Johnny Wier would have been higher under the 6.0 system. And Plushenko…you were not good. The quad was the only thing you had going for you in the long. That outcome was correct. Evan was the superior skater.  And the reaction I had to Plushenko’s scores resulted in tears, both because I was so happy for Evan and his coach Frank Carroll (who has coached some of the greats like Michelle Kwon and Timothy Goebel, the first to land a quad in competition, and yet never coached a gold medalist at the Olympics)

And the US women (girls…neither are 18 yet) did better than expected. If they both are skating in 2014, I think they will be delightful, more experienced  and will  be in medal contention again.

6. The Opening/Closing Ceremonies!

Giant Coke bear! Orcas! Hallelujah (lovely version by KD Lang that I promptly downloaded)!  Awesome Ralph Lauren team uniforms (both times)! The Shat! Micheal J. Fox! The Bublè (I was more than a little excited about that. He can do anything and I would enjoy it. He could sing me a It’s a Small World/Barney Song and I would love it)! Giant inflatable beavers (Only for Bob Costas’s response to the giant inflatable beavers)!

I turned off the Closing Cermonies during The Marriage Ref and didn’t turn it back on because really Canada? Avril and Nickelback? You didn’t have anyone more….talented? Musical? Relevant?

What did you think about the 2010 games? What were your favorite moments? Not so favorite moments?


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