“Address: Craphole Island”

I watch Lost. It’s a fact of my life. Some of you might find us Lost fans annoying (see: The Onion). I try not to be too obnoxious with my fandom, discussing it with a select few. But I decided to babble about it a little on here because 1. It’s my blog and 2. I haven’t written anything in a while, and this is the only thing that wanted to work.

I almost never started watching the show. All that I knew about it was that there was a plane crash, and because of my extreme fear of flying, I wasn’t going to watch it. But I did. (Much like my start in NASCAR, I’m fuzzy on the details on WHY I watched it, just that I did.) And when at the end of the 2nd hour of the pilot Charlie asks “Guys, where ARE we?”, I was hooked. I’ve never missed* an episode. I’ve stuck by it through thick and thin (oh god Paulo and Nikki…bless their hearts). I’ve spent seasons searched high and low for spoilers, and then in recent years gotten extremely mad when I accidentally  stumbled upon them. I listen to podcasts, read fan forums (always to scared to actually post and become involved because there is no way that my theories could be as good as the ones that others have). My AP English class senior year was spent discussing Lost the day after the episode aired. The entire class period sometimes. And sometimes there was a literary reference to talk about to make the conversation relevant.  I skipped a  group project meeting to meet Carlton Cuse and watch the season 5 penultimate episode “Follow the Leader” a day early. Not quite as dedicated as some (never made the trek to Comic Con, or Hawaii for the Sunset on the Beach premieres), but definitely not a casual fan of the show.

I spent my Christmas break (and the weeks after) cramming to rewatch all 103 hours of the show before the season premiered, and rewatched every episode this season the week after it aired. This means I’ve spent at least**  223 hours watching this show.

For me, there’s never been anything like it, other than Harry Potter and whoa how lucky am I to live through these two genre defining movements? (I’m sure I’ll discuss my love for Mr Potter at another date.) Lost is something special and as hard as people try to recreate it, there is never going to be another Lost.

It’s hard to believe that there is only 9 hours left of this show. There’s been so many hours devoted to theorizing on how its going to end, and it’s almost to the point where we will know. I know there is going to be plenty to discuss in the months and years ahead, but after May 23, there may be a tiny Craphole Island shaped hole in my life.

*Okay, so there was that one Sun and Jin episode I missed back in season 4 when I was going to give up on the show because it was getting to weird for me and I was going to give the show up. But I eventually caught it on my giant rewatch

**This doesn’t count the rewatches of episodes in past seasons, just the initial run, the mass rewatch and this season’s initial run and enhanced episode rewatches. Like I know I’ve seen “The Constant” a good ten times. And “Greatest Hits”/”Through the Looking Glass” multiple times. And then there’s the hours of theory discussion, reading message boards, discussions with other people, listening to podcasts, etc.

PS. Dear Micheal Giacchino: First off: congrats on your Oscar. I was excited for you even though I thought your Star Trek score was better than your score for Up. But I digress. I fully expect you to have the “Life and Death” theme in the final 20 minutes of Lost so that I can prepare to cry appropriately. If this is not there, the episode may will feel a tiny bit incomplete. I don’t care if there really isn’t a place to fit it in, just squeeze it in (minus the creepy reveal sound. I hope at that point, there’s no more creepy reveals.) For me. The music is one of my favorite bits of the show, and this theme is by far my favorite. Okay? Thank you, Jessica


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