The Living Room

Every great house has to have a living room, and this is our house, and this is our living room. – E. Gordon Gee


So yesterday, the new student union at THE Ohio State University opened. Almost the entire time I’ve been in college, the union has been closed. They ripped down the old one, and built this new one. Apparently a bunch of architecture students were protesting because it sets architecture back or something. I think it’s a beautiful building, but what do I know?


They’re doing a lot of cool programing over the quarter here. Tomorrow night I’m going to see Blake Shelton and Chuck Wicks in this gorgeous ballroom. Check out the Block O chandeliers.

You never forget what school you’re at in this union. On the ground floor, the alma matter is engraved around the perimeter.

The union isn’t lacking fireplaces. My favorite has this beauty above it.

This Ohio Union is just the latest physical embodiment of the kind of true collegiate community we are developing at Ohio State. Here, we seek to nurture dreams, refine abilities, broaden perspectives, and create the University of the American Future. – E. Gordon Gee

I’m excited to have this building, even if it is for one quarter.


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