when the band starts banging and the fiddle saws, you can’t help but hollerin’ yee-haw

Tonight my sister and I went to see Chuck Wicks and Blake Shelton. It was an awesome concert. If you get a chance to see either of these guys live, I really recommend it.

Also, there was an interesting mix of drunk sorority girls and redneck chicks. They were a little bit annoying, and extremely easy to make fun of.

I kind of look a little awkward in this picture, but my little sister looks good (as always).


I came to see her daddy/For a sit down, man to man/It wasn’t any secret/I’d be asking for her hand

I guess that’s why he left me waiting/In the living room by myself/With at least a dozen pictures of her/Sitting on a shelf

Playing Cinderella/She was riding her first bike/Bouncing on the bed/And looking for a pillow fight

Running through the sprinkler/With a big popsicle grin/Dancing with her dad/Looking up at him

In her eyes, I’m Prince Charming/But to him, I’m just some fella/Riding in and stealing Cinderella

Gah. I love that song. There are times that I have cried listening to it.  And now I have my own live recording. 🙂

Other than “Stealing Cinderella”, and that he was on DWtS and used to date Julianne Hough and he’s well….look at him, I didn’t know too much about Chuck, but I found him a lot of fun with some great songs. He sang some new stuff I’m looking forward to getting when it comes out. I would so go see him again.

If you’re callin’ ’bout my heart/It’s still yours/I should’ve listened to it a little more/Then it wouldn’t have taken me so long to know where I belong/And by the way, boy, this is no machine you’re talkin’ to/Can’t you tell, this is Austin, and I still love you

Oh Blake. He was EXACTLY like his twitter account. Which I love. He’s a bit brash, and isn’t afraid to speak his mind. He did a ton of songs, from “Austin” and “Ol’ Red” to “Hillbilly Bone”. He said this is the first time he’s done a private show like this, and he was really enjoying himself, right down to the red plastic cup. 😉 He mentioned that he wasn’t sure what kind of crowd he was going to have, and thought he was going to have to explain who he was, so he sang the Free Credit Report.com song, which was hilarious, mainly because everyone else sang along.  It was a great show, and I’m looking forward to seeing him again in September at our local county fair.


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