Easter Memories


(My baby sister colored most of these. She really liked the greens this year. My contributions to this dozen include the red and making purple dye. Also, by baby, I mean two months shy of being 17. Wow. We’re getting old.)

Coloring Easter eggs is a normal, healthy childhood thing to do. Lots of happy, bright memories.

So someone explain to me why when I was 3?, my entire family (aunt*, parents, grandparents) thought to have my aunt put on bunny ears (and teeth) and hop around outside my grandparents kitchen window while I was coloring eggs. Keep in mind, my grandparents house was surrounded by dark scary woods**. No light. I kind of freaked out. I sadly don’t remember much of this, but I’ve heard the story often enough. Mainly followed by everyone laughing at the memory. Except me.

*This aunt is also my godmother. She also, a couple of years later (not at Easter though), was playing with me at my house. We were playing “choo-choo train”. She pulled hard enough on my arm to pull my elbow out of the socket. It’s a wonder I like her. In fact, I would say a good majority of it revolves around the fact I was her flower girl. Give me a pretty dress, and I’m happy.

**At this same house, they had a sunroom. On Easter, E.T. was on one of the television channels. E.T. freaked me the heck out, but for some reason, I always watched the movie. I was probably forced too because it made my grandma/mom/aunt cry NOT out of fright and they enjoyed the movie. So I often tried to hide from E.T. and not look at the television screen. But the reflection of the TV on the sunroom doors/windows made it look like E.T. was in the woods. Easter=some of the most traumatizing moments of my childhood.


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