30 Day Meme: Day 4

04. your favorite book

Now this one…this really isn’t fair. I can’t pick ONE favorite book. I’ve always loved to read, from that Easter where I got a Barney (shut up, I was 4) book. I plopped myself down and opened it up and started reading it. Everyone thought that I was making up the story to go with the pictures as little kids often do when they’re “reading” books. It wasn’t until my aunt looked over my shoulder and noticed that the words on the page were the same as the ones coming out of my mouth that they knew something was up! I remember first grade being a very frustrating year, because I got in trouble for reading out loud too quickly, and often couldn’t stand when other people read, because why couldn’t they get it like I did? I out grew the library at school far too quickly, not being able to find books that I didn’t finish in a day after second grade. My speed reading led to another problem, where my parents didn’t believe that I had actually read all of the book and absorbed anything. I remember having to hand books over to my mom at the kitchen table where she then quizzed me on plot points. Books and reading has been a huge part of my life.

The book I’ve liked the longest is Little Women. It was a hand me down from my mom. It had been hers, and then her  sisters. It is one of two books I own that is falling apart and I’m afraid to read anymore (the other is my original copy of Sorcerer’s Stone. It’s paperback and has been read often. Both have been replaced). I love love love this story (obviously, as the movie is on my list from yesterday.) The book is about sisters. I have two of them, and can’t imagine life without them (almost had to once, but that’s a story for another day…) That’s what makes Little Women so special to me. It is so easy to see yourself in the sisters. I identify with Jo’s love of literature. When I first read the book, I loved to write fiction as well as read it. And although I don’t write anymore, I still love my inner Jo. In fact, I try and be just a little more like her adventurous self these days! Obviously I identify with oldest sister Meg, since I’m the oldest. She’s also a bit traditional, but still follows her heart just as much as Jo. I’ve always longed to be more like sweet, gentle Beth. Her sense of charity is amazing, choosing to not spend money on herself at Christmas but to replace her mothers worn-out house slippers. I’ve never identified myself with Amy directly, but instead see the relationship between her and Jo in my youngest sister and I, and am hoping for the day that like Jo and Amy, we grow closer, hopefully without her having to fall through the ice first!

I love Jane Austen books. I think Emma is my favorite, because I love the relationship between Emma and Mr. Knightly. (A lot of people pick Pride and Prejudice but lets be honest: Darcy is a massive jerk, and Lizzie isn’t so nice either) It is a perfect relationship.  I love that they have been BFF’s since Emma was little, even though Mr. Knightly is 16 years older than Emma. And they are completely comfortable with each other, right down to Mr. Knightly not being afraid to remind Emma when she’s done something wrong, often saying “Badly done Emma, badly done!”

I also am a big fan of Harry Potter. I don’t even know if I can pick just one. I tend to think of all seven as one, especially since I have a box set so they all fit together nicely. I still remember the fist time I read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Once I managed to get past that first chapter, I fell in love with this world that Jo Rowling created. It was so imaginative. I was hooked and I haven’t looked back. I got books 4-7 on the days that they came out. I cried buying the final book, when I read the cover flap, when I read the dedication…you get the point.

When I was little, I received many hand-me down books from my mom, including Little Women as mentioned above,  the Little House books and this series about a nurse during WWII named Cherry Ames. I loved and treasured the books. I hope to pass the Harry Potter books, as well as the rest of my favorites, down to my (potential, future) children and hope that they love these as much I as I do

What’s your favorite book? Why? I’m looking for suggestions of stuff to read because I’m thisclose to being done with required for class reading!


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