Dear Journal,

Hi! It’s me Doug Jessica! Mr. Jenkins is the best. He’s the guy that created the show Doug that was awesome on Nickelodeon, and okay on Disney. He is hilarious. And so nice. And he put on a great presentation last night at Ohio State. He told stories about his life (he’s like the real life Doug! He even had Patti Mayonnaise!), then the voice of Mayor Bob White (Greg Lee) came out and MC’ed a trivia game where some girl did a rendition of the favorite “Banging on a Trash Can”. Then lots of questions were asked. Like was Skeeter a stoner? (They hadn’t heard that one before…but really liked it!) Porkchop came from a childhood nickname of Mr. Jenkins. And the color of the characters wasn’t really thought out….they were just doodles from the paper tablecloths at the local, cheap Mexican restaurant where they broke stories. After, he stuck around and signed autographs for everyone who showed up.

It was nice to sit there with a friend and get to reflect on our childhood for an hour or so. It kind of makes me sad that there aren’t shows like Doug on anymore. I realize it really has stood the test of time and i think this is one show our generation will pass down to our kids!

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