30 Day Meme: Day 6

06. Whatever tickles your fancy

This prompt is hard today. I try and keep the conversation on here upbeat. The other stuff is the reason I have a personal journal (in which we’ve now learned I can type while crying without my glasses on and it be pretty dang accurate. That was a proud accomplishment the other night!). I’ve been in a bit of a funk this weekend, so upbeat and happy kind of isn’t happening today. :/It kind of all boils down to needing a manual for life. Eh….anyways

There is something that’s made today/this weekend awesome…I’ve been mainlining Chuck like it’s my job. This show is so freaking good. Why haven’t I been watching it? Good character stuff, good looking cast (for both the guys and the gals), action, comedy…it’s got it all! Seriously, do yourself a favor and give Chuck a chance!



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2 responses to “30 Day Meme: Day 6

  1. Ryan made me watch “Chuck” a few weeks ago and I LOVED it! I need to keep up with it.

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