30 Day Meme: Day 7

07. a photo that makes you happy


This comes from the 2009 Ohio State/Iowa game.

It was one of those games that I can’t believe I was at.  Early in the season, we lost a game we shouldn’t have (but also won one we shouldn’t…so it kind of evened out.) Iowa also was a 1-loss team in the Big 10. While Big 10 doesn’t have a playoff game, there’s always one game in November that feels like it is…and this was it. The game ended going into overtime and I was having a fit in my seat, jumping up and down, getting nauseous, almost crying.

Quick refresher- college football overtime rules are as such: both teams get a shot, a set of downs, from the 20-yard line to score. Iowa went first: incomplete, loss of 6, sack for a loss of 10, interception. I do not remember this next part at all. Which suggests that I had completely lost my mind (this has happened before. The 2006 OSU/Michigan game is a perfect example): OSU played Tressel ball. 3 runs right up the middle for a net gain of two. Devin Barclay, a 26-year-old former pro soccer player, split the uprights for a perfect field goal. My seat was in the section that was framed by the uprights, 15 rows off the field, on the end of the row. I was out of my seat and down to the field before Iowa was off of it. I also was crying a little, shut up it was my last game as a student even though I’ll be there for the first game of the 2010 season.

All of my life I had longed to rush the field like that, and I had my chance. Right before Carmen Ohio, a guy in front of me moved, and I saw very familiar hair. I shoved my way up and thank goodness it was my little sister (who is one of my closest friends as well), not some random girl. We started jumping up and down and screaming like idiots. We chilled on the field for a while before going to find our parents and baby sister. We spent the entire walk from south stands to the numbers singing “I Gotta Feeling”. It was an fitting way to end an excellent season, 4 years worth of seasons actually, as a student.

And then we went to the Rose Bowl and stopped the horrible BCS problem we had. The end.

Happy day, happy time, happy memories.


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