Broken down

There used to be a point in time in NASCAR where following an accident the caution wouldn’t begin until the leader reached the start/finish line. This meant that after an accident where a car was stopped in the middle of the track, cars would still be whizzing by.

That must have been a little scary to be sitting there, unable to get the car restarted, unable to move and seeing cars going 150+ mph coming towards you.

That’s how I feel lately. Like everyone is speeding past me and I’m stalled, stuck, not able to move. Suddenly my friends, people I’ve known since we were little have these incredibly grown-up lives. And in this age of being connected we know. We see when people get  jobs, buy houses, get engaged/married, have kids. And I’m happy for all of them. I really am, it’s in my nature.

But I’m getting a little scared sitting here watching them fly by me, wondering when I’m going to be able to get the car restarted.


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