30 Day Meme: Day 8

08. A photo that makes you angry/sad

We’re going to go with sad. I went looking for this picture while listening to the Band of Brothers theme and then “Plaisir d’amour”, which is the song the choir sings at the end of episode 7 “The Breaking Point”. And I’m now a little teary.

This is the school that I attended from kindergarten to fourth grade. And it’s not there anymore.

It was recently demolished. Because of new building standards, a new school was built rather than upgrade it since that option was actually cheaper. Over the last month, every time I’ve been home, a little bit more was gone. This school has been around forever. While my family hasn’t lived in the area that long, I have one friend who’s mom attended the school…and then taught there for 25 years. It really has been on that corner forever.

It’s where I had my first crush.

It’s where I made some friends that got me through a lot, and others that caused that “a lot” later on.

It’s where I thrived in everything but gym, a trend which continued on all the way through high school.

My third grade teacher had this reading loft in her room and that was the coolest thing ever.

My first computer experience was at school.

I learned the macarena on the playground.

It was the foundation of my childhood.

At Halloween, we had a parade where we walked around the block. The high school band led and I remember being in awe of them. I wanted to be JUST like them when I grew up, and I did.

My dad forgot me there once. I wasn’t riding the bus home due to me smashing and breaking a toe pretty badly. Everyone’s parents had picked them up. It was empty…and Dad still wasn’t there. Eventually my kindergarten teacher (who still scares me) ended up driving me to the babysitters.

It’s one of the last places we had drumline rehearsals.

I tutored there for 3 years in high school, teaching some sweet kids that never got “it” like I did when I was a student here. It was nice, giving back to that school and the kids that went there.

And now it’s not there anymore.

No one is ever going to discover a favorite book (Little House and Beverly Cleary were some of my favorites) in that basement library.

There won’t ever be another Elm Street Carnival.

Next time when I go home, it’s just going to be an empty lot.

And that makes me just a little bit sad.

(My middle school was also torn down recently. While middle school wasn’t necessarily the best years of my life, it’s hard to believe that THAT is gone too. It really feels like there is a huge hole where my childhood happened.)

*photos from oldohioschools.com and auctionzip.com


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