30 Day Meme: Day 10

10. a picture of you over 10 years ago

okay…not 10 years old, only 7. But its the oldest I have on this computer…maybe any computer actually. But that’s okay. I looked very similar 10 years ago, only with awkward teeth to go with the awkward hair,

My freshman year of high school. April 2003. Winter Guard International (WGI) World Championship.

My high school drumline placed 3rd in our class, Scholastic A. That’s me (obviously) and our instructor. That day/weekend was amazing. We were 1st in our prelim group, 2nd in our semis group. Each performance we KNEW. We had rocked it as hard as we could and it was up to the judges to decide where we fell. After our final performance I think we all knew that we had been part of something special. I have it on tape and it’s hillarious to watch where the staff was sitting. You can see them all jump up out of their seats. (Someday I need to upload that to youtube)

Awards were interesting. Every group in the A classes finals were lined up on the floor of the Nutter Center. So there were a TON of people. And announcing our class, it was kind of surreal. You got to top 10, and then top 5, and then they were announcing 4th place and it WASN’T Wauseon and holy shit we’re going to medal. After, we got our medals we were all crying. I have a picture of that…it isn’t pretty. We didn’t want to leave. We actually got kicked out of the backstage area.

I have mixed feelings on the 3 years I spent in drumline. But that….that is a moment I will always look back on fondly.


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