30 Day Meme: Day 12

12. whatever tickles your fancy

Growing up sucks.

No really. Sure you can do cool things like drive a car (if you have one…) and have a beer/glass of wine after a long day (which really…helps so much more than chocolate) and you can stay up as late as you want to/watch whatever you want to. But you end up moving away from home and your parents and baby sister get to go to this place:
which is one of your top 4 favorite places in the world (the others being Ohio Stadium, a racetrack, and New York City/Tiffany’s don’t judge me) without you because you have things like midterms. And live in a different city.

In other news:

I “met” this guy yesterday:
and it totally made my day. I’ve had a crush on him since he first stepped on the field. The only reason I went to every single Comm 221 and 421 class is because of James Laurinaitis, so I could oogle him. Good news: he’s still really nice (reason I don’t like his replacement, Austin Spitler is because he’s a jackass, but that’s another story). He talked to everyone, super-personable, took pictures that he wasn’t supposed to. He ended up chatting about the Rams when I was at the front of the line, and he said that he wouldn’t mind getting Sam Bradford in the draft. So I’m pleading to the Browns front office: we don’t need Bradford. Don’t do it. Lets make James happy.

Also, to continue a conversation started in the last “whatever” post from this meme, I finished Chuck. And Chuck is awesome. I’ve watched the end of the last episode that’s aired “Chuck vs. The Other Guy” no fewer than 5 times. I’ve decided we all need to watch Chuck because Chuck is good tv. Also this (and by this I mean Chuck, not Sarah):

is kind-of exactly my type. A-dork-able


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