30 Day Meme: Day 15

15. a fanfic

This means I have to admit to knowing fanfic/reading it/enjoying it right? Darn it, I was hoping to not let that get out. Although to be honest, some of them are freaking fantastic and completely well written.

I’m picking something that’s not completely embarrassing. I’m in some fandoms that are…yeah. I don’t know if I’ve admitted to being a nu!Trekie. Cause I am. I love the new JJ Abrams version of Star Trek. So good. Anyways…this is an awesome AU (alternate universe) of an AU I guess, since that’s how nu!Trek is viewed.

In The City Series, the Enterprise is actually a fashion magazine and Jim Kirk is the editor-in-chief (who is in a relationship with photographer Leonard McCoy). If you haven’t already been turned off by everything in the past six or so sentences, I recommend giving this one a shot. And if not…please please please don’t judge me. 🙂


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