30 Day Meme: Day 18

18. whatever tickles your fancy

I have an accounting midterm in less than 8 hours. So of course I’m procrastinating every which way. Including writing this stream of consciousness post

The past 2 days I didn’t have access to Facebook, Wikipedia, and a bunch of other sites I can’t remember right now. I kind of missed Facebook. I think it was more knowing that I should be able to get to it, but couldn’t. I’ve gone without before. It was quite distracting, refreshing that page over and over until it loaded!

I found a new blog when I didn’t have FB that I love, The Engagement Project. Here’s the about info: 20-something, single, and living in the city. My life, lessons, tips, tricks, failures, victories and drinking binges. It’s an enjoyable read, especially if you’re in the same boat (or not). I was laughing pretty hard at some of her posts.

I also found this: The Brent Musburger Drinking Game. There are few people I hate in this world. Brent Musburger (and announcing partner Kirk Herbstreit, although that is a long, angry rant to be saved for another day) is at the top of that list. Combined, their powers make my favorite thing college football unbearable to watch at times.  There was also the point where ABC/ESPN had just gotten NASCAR back and put Musburger on that team too….that wasn’t good. AT ALL. That just ruined EVERYTHING. But this…this might make things okay. I want to try it out soon, slightly modified so we don’t pass out before the half (or end of the 1st quarter): who’s interested in a viewing of either the 2002 National Championship Game or the 2010 Rose Bowl?

I’m strangely excited about the rain that is foretasted for the next 4 days simply because I get to use the Liberty of London umbrella I bought and have since had hanging in my room. It’s so bright and cheerful. If I don’t get to use it , I’ll be sad.

Tonight I’m going to the Tim McGraw/Lady Antebellum/Love and Theft concert! So look back for pictures/review/maybe video late tonight or tomorrow. And then tomorrow is the Spring Game! FOOOOTTTBAAALLL! And I may be going to some ballet with my sister that involves country music, so way to take high class and bring it down to our level Columbus Ballet. I was also supposed to hang out/see Mr. C but I’m not sure what happened to that…so I’m not questioning. And then Sunday night, Andy Samburg (of SNL and Lonely Island fame) is coming to talk at the Union. I’ll have stuff up from that event late Sunday night/Monday morning.

Next weekend my grandparents are coming to visit, and then the weekend after that I go to New York! And then suddenly we’re going to be in the home stretch of my being a student. SCARY! I have no idea what I’m doing on June 14th.

But before that whole graduation thing…I haven’t mentioned…CONAN IS COMING! I’m camping out for the ticket release. Skipping classes, getting there no later than noon, but I feel like thats too late so it might be earlier. Tickets aren’t even released until 5…I’m a little fanatical…and just now, I found out next Thursday, the 29th, Donald Glover AKA TROY OF TROY AND ABED FAME is going to be here along with Whitney Cummings from Chelsea Lately and two people I don’t know.

Guys, I’m not sure if I can handle this. Troy and Conan are going to be here. I’m going to miss college and all of the cool stuff. And now, I leave you with this:


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