30 Day Meme: Day 19

19. a talent of yours

I don’t know if I necessarily have many a talent. I used to be pretty decent at clarinet, I got both upper and lower registers in key most of the time which was a win in HS. But I haven’t picked that up in a while.

I can pull out lots of random facts about things I’m obsessed about. I used to know every driver and his number, make, owner and sponsor in NASCAR, but thats gotten a little too confusing lately.

I can rock a one-turn like no one in my baton class ever could.

Erm…yeah. If you know of a talent I’m not listing here, feel free to comment on that.



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3 responses to “30 Day Meme: Day 19

  1. You’re missing SEVERAL talents missy.

    1. You’re one of the youngest, most creative knitters out there.
    2. You have wicked awesome PR skills (writing, being internet savvy, understanding the market).
    3. You have a knack for discovering the best movies, TV shows and random facts.


    • jesslyn8706

      Aw. Thanks for the kind words Lindsay. Actually, tomorrow’s prompt is hobby, so I was saving knitting for then! Also, it’s funny that you put “discovering movies” after I just commented on your blog and recommended a movie…well, it’s funny to me.

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