We’re just boys (and girls) making noise with the southern voice

Last night the trusty sister and I went to go see the Southern Voice Tour featuring Tim McGraw, Lady Antebellum and Love and Theft.
Let me tell you….it was freaking amazing. The energy was awesome. All three acts are as amazing in person as they are on tv/albums (Well, I hadn’t heard Love and Theft before, but now I’m hooked)


I’m gonna pack my bags and never look back /Run a parallel line with the railroad tracks ohh/And make my getaway
I’ll put the pedal to the metal as the sun goes down/Leave everybody sleeping in this sleepy town tonight ohh /And at the break of day I’ll be a runaway

I’m going to be completely honest. I had NO idea who these guys were coming into the concert. I had asked baby sister if she knew who they were  and she said they were pretty good country-rock. That was the extent of my knowledge. And I was beyond pleasantly surprised. They are fantastic. I hate to do this comparison…but it’s a more country, more rock version of Rascal Flatts. And yes, I do mean they are good looking with that. I couldn’t really see them from how high up we were, but I called that they were hot. Especially Hot Blue Guy (guy wearing the blue shirt. Duh). I can’t remember what songs they did, other than Runaway, but I did buy the CD and the acoustic EP as soon as I got home, so way to go boys! Y’all won a new fan!

She grew up on a side of the road /Where the church bells ring and strong love grows /She grew up good /She grew up slow /Like American honey

I was excited to see these guys, especially after the ACMs on Sunday. I love their sound. They had a great live set. The energy was awesome. Hillary was rocking a killer black dress that I was jealous of; she also skipped some lyrics in one song (I can’t quite remember which one it was) but laughed it off and kept going. I’m always impressed by that because I would be so flustered!

“Need You Now” was beautiful live. It’s one of my favorite songs from them and I loved the way that they performed it with Hillary and Charles on opposite ends of the stage. The emotion was there.  They also did “Hello World” which was so nice live. Of course, “American Honey” and “I Run to You” were played. They, led by Charles, also broke into “Rockin in the USA” and “What I Like About You” which I had never realized sound so alike!

I fell by the wayside.I fell on my knees/Crying, why was I so hard to please?/I stood at the crossroads/Took a long look at me/Sometimes you don’t know where you’re from til you leave

And I’ve been out there searching/For a place where I belong/And on my way I heard my song/Let it sing me home

And then came the interesting scream/squeal. I don’t even know where to start with Mr. McGraw. He is INCREDIBLE live. He just has this awesome energy around him. He and the Dancehall Doctors did not disappoint, coming out and opening with “Real Good Man” which is one of the first songs that comes to mind when I think of Tim. I feel like it’s Tim personified. He then went straight into “Where the Green Grass Grows.” “Still” was just as good during the concert as it was on the CD and on the ACMs Sunday night.

He also did an acoustic set that I adored. After telling a story about how he bought a guitar in college because he wanted to be a musician…oh and it was going to help him get laid, he sang an awesome acoustic rendition of “Everywhere”. The acoustic set was awesome just to serve as a reminder of how awesome he sounds. Completely stripped, down to the raw bare-bones of him and a guitar and still amazing.

And then I made another interesting scream when he announced that the Warren Brothers were there. The Warren Brothers are a band I love that haven’t quite made it…their last albums were titled Well Deserved Obscurity and Barely Famous Hits if that gives any indication of their careers. They’ve really made it being songwriters and they helped Tim with two great songs “Blank Sheet of Paper” and “If You’re Reading This”, which made me cry a little, like it normally does.

I had a blast dancing to “I Like It, I Love It”, “Down on the Farm” (and “Something Like That” and I forgot how much I love “Live Like Your Dying” and “Cowboy in Me”. I was pleasantly surprised to hear “Everybody Hates Me”. There was a lot of stuff from Dancehall Doctors and Live Like You Were Dying and only two? songs from Southern Voice. I feel like I’m forgetting something else, but that’s the high points.

There really weren’t any low points the entire night though. All three acts were superb. The only thing I would have changed was put “My Little Girl” in Tim’s set…just because that’s one of my favorites! I love when I can say that I think I actually like the live versions better…that means that these acts can SING.
After, Love and Theft held an open meet and great and we went. And I was right. Hot Blue Guy (aka Stephan) is hot (although he looks awkward in the above picture which is more endearing to me. Because normally I’M the awkward one!) The guys were great talking to fans, and at one point Eric ran off…to come back with a Flip Cam to record us screaming at him/them. All three of them complemented my shirt which led to me babling about Target and Hot Blue Guy proclaiming that his shirt was from Target too. Or WalMart. Which…dude, thats awesome. I hope they continue to be this “real” as they gain more fans and become successful. Also, congrats boys, in addition to making me a fan, you also made me really flustered and almost act fangirl-ish. Archie Griffin, Carlton Cuse, Casey Mears…didn’t fangirl over one of them. I was calm, cool and collected. But Hot Blue Guy….he got me!

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