30 Day Meme: Day 24

24. whatever tickles your fancy

For as long as I can remember, music has been a part of my life. From the pianos my mom and grandpa (and occasionally me and my sisters…I think my dad gave it a shot too) would play to band and drumline and Disney movies and well…Top 40 hits, music has been there.

I recently re-organized my iTunes. For as unorganized as I am in reality, the neatness of this particular collection is impressive. I have 2 libraries, one for each iPod, and each song is labeled correctly, down to album art. I realized how much music I own- up to 15 gigs now, which I realize isn’t that much to some, but I know people that can’t fill a 2 gig player. It’s taken me YEARS to find a ‘favorite’ song (As previously discussed, it’s Hallelujah. I discovered this about a year ago.). And even once I chose it, I still can’t pick a favorite version of the song. I can’t get everything on my touch, so i carefully go through my music every 3 months or so and decided what I can’t live without on a daily basis, since I’m more likely to have Sawyer on me than Ford. (Sawyer is my 16gig touch, Ford is my 30gig 5.5gen classic. I used to have a 1st gen 512mb shuffle names James. You get a cookie if you figure out where the names came from)

And as I sort through my hodgepodge of music (what, did you think all 15 gigs were the same genre?) I wonder what the casual observer would think of me if they happened upon my iPods. If I had all country, I’m obviously a redneck. All rap? A gangster. All showtunes? Gay. It’s easy to stereotype a person’s identity by the type of music they listen to. But like most of life, some of us don’t fall in to easy, one-size-fits-all categories. Some of us have Jonas Brothers playing right after AC/DC; Toby Keith after Kanye; musical scores before Rush; and Mountain Goats, Straight No Chaser, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Meatloaf and marching bands in the same playlist. What does our music say about us? I’ve always liked to say that my music taste was ‘eclectic’- a little of everything. Kind of like me…so I guess my music DOES say something about me. How about you? What does your music say about you?


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