30 Day Meme: Day 25

25. your day in great detail

Does a day begin at 12:00:01 am? Or when you wake up? Because that changes things….

From before midnight to 5:45 am, I was awake. I blame the Sudafed I’ve been taking. It takes the ‘non-drowsy’ part a little too literal. In that time I watched Elizabeth: The Golden Age, Community, Bones, and 30 Rock. I also cleaned and read some. I woke up at 11, clearly not planning on attending class at 10:30. I rushed to finish cleaning and then got dressed. I changed my shirt twice, which all in all is not bad at all. There was some vacuuming and dishwashing. I watched The Office, and then my grandparents called and said they were going to be later, so I started Grey’s Anatomy. Finally, about 1:30, my grandparents got here, and my sister and I went to lunch with them at Champs. I had a not-so special turkey wrap. Then we drove out to New Albany to see a condo development since they’re moving. Then had a discussion about where I’m going to end up in which I tried to not freak out. We then went back to their hotel for a bit and chatted about politics (ugh) and I got to be right about something! (This is HUGE.) We went to Olive Garden for dinner; I had ravioli. Then after a wrong turn, we made our way back to campus and Giant Eagle. The shopping list: lettuce, tomatoes, strawberrries, ground turkey, chicken, sundried tomato and basil wheat thins, turkey bacon, milk, hummus, eggs, pasta, mayo, bisquick and beer (Sam Adams Summer Ale- om nom nom). I don’t feel like this is enough to constitute as much as I spent.

And now, after putting things away, I’m doing accounting homework on a Friday night because I’m cool like that. Also, laughing every time my professor mentions “Bill’s duty” because I’m now a 3 year old boy.


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