30 Day Meme: Day 26

26. your week in great detail

Hm. Lets see if I remember anything…I’m using what I talked about on Twitter as a guide.

Sunday: I watched the race at ‘Dega. And that’s all I remember

Monday: Applied for graduation for the second time. My minor still wasn’t going through, which was annoying, but she let me finish anyway. Had class and MMC PR meeting. Then I watched Chuck and part of Gossip Girl, but I got really bored, so I decided to watch Army Wives. I then updated my iPods and listened to the Star Trek audiobook read by Zack Quinto because it makes me laugh.

Tuesday: Had class in the morning. Not sure what else I did that day…but I know I watched Glee and offered my first born for the chance to see Matt and Kristin in a musical together. And then I watched The Tudors, and decided histroy needs to be rewritten so Henry and Anne of Cleves end up together because Jonathan and Joss are adorable together.

Wednesday: Went to class…watched Say Yes to the Dress and did Laundry. There was a new LATE on Jimmy Fallon which kinda made up for no new LOST.

Thursday: woke up at 6am with a migraine. Slept all day. Didn’t go to class. Did go to a stand-up show featuring Donald Glover (from Community) Whitney Cummings and Nick Kroll. I love Whitney. She and I could be BFFs. Then couldn’t go to bed, so I was awake until 5:45 Friday morning.

Friday: see yesterday’s post.

Saturday: Did accounting homework. Continued to laugh at “Bill’s duty”. Helped a friend, now getting ready to eat a burger and fries and drink a beer.


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