Super Megafoxy Awesome Hot

I like Harry Potter. A lot. I have two sets of the books,  I’ve seen every movie on opening weekend, blah blah. This post isn’t about my love for Mr. Potter. That will come.  (If I had been thinking ahead, it would have been on July 31…but I wasn’t. So maybe after I finish my re-read. Or the release of part one of Deathly Hallows. Whatever comes first. Probably the latter.) Instead, it’s a recommendation for something with in the Potter fandom.

About a year ago, right before the Half-Blood Prince movie was released, I found this little gem. It’s called A Very Potter Musical, and it was created by some very talented people. (This takes a lot from me, seeing as how they are from the University of Michigan.)

And just a few weeks ago, the sequel/prequel was released. And it too, was awesome.

Now I realize that these aren’t for everyone. Because, it’s Harry Potter; it’s not 100% faithful to the books and a little sarcastic; and oh yeah, it’s a musical. But I truely think that everyone should watch these. The cast is crazily talented (check out Malfoy. Hillarious.). Also, the songs are really well written and super catchy. And if it were up to me, these would be eligible for Tony Awards.

(If you can watch R-rated films, I recommend another Starkid production as well. Another musical, this one called Me and My Dick. And it’s what it sounds like. Except not. It was actually really fantastic. I had doubts, and just now got around to watching it, but it impressed me as well.)


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