Little surprises.

I just returned from a visit to my parents house. Sitting in my old room (that’s still kinda mine, and has all of my stuff in it, and I may be moving back into in a few weeks) I realized something:

My room could not reflect me any better. Well, the stuff in it anyways.

It’s all very girly. I have my American Girl dolls (Kirsten, and the American Girl of Today, which I named Katherine. I’m not sure why) on a shelf. Their outfits get rotated when I remember.

Next to them, is my shelf of favorites. It holds a Cinderella shoe, my mom’s (and aunt’s and mine) copy of Little Women that’s no longer fit to be read in fear of it falling apart, the Princess Diana Beanie Baby, the rose from Beauty and the Beast, a music box that plays the Tara theme from Gone with the Wind and the Barbie that my aunt gave me when I was the flower girl in her wedding (plus a picture of us giving Eskimo kisses, which I kind of remember as being our thing. I think.)

There’s lots of memorabilia. Programs and things from senior year of high school and band, and books. Not many, just some favorites (and some that just ended up there). The Harry Potter set gets its own special place of honor on my other dresser. It’s the complete set from Scholastic. I’m working on getting them all from Bloomsberry too. (Don’t ask why. I feel that my Bloomsberry box set of 1-7 is missing something, and I need to have the UK schoolbooks and Tales of Beedle the Bard too. I feel like this will be explored in my post of I love Harry Potter that I keep mentioning). A latte mug full of knitting needles, and Tiffany boxes. A cross-stitch that Mom made (she’s good at that. Really good.) I also have a Gone with the Wind poster, and Dream written above my bed, and a hook sign that reads Love. The bedspread is a Liberty of London floral print, with lots of purples and pinks.

And then you get to this corner. You don’t see it from the doorway, from there you only see the shelf. You have to actually be in the room to see the stuff in it. There you find lots of decidedly non-girly stuff. There’s 12  diecast cars (most of them race-versions, and I can tell you the history of all of them) and lug nuts and a used shop cloth. It looks out of place.

If that isn’t a perfect representation of me, I don’t know what is.


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