This is not the post you are looking for…

Yeah…I disappeared again. Just for a few days this time. I haven’t been up to much, just watching Eureka, job hunting and cleaning the house, getting into a car accident, voting, making Harry Potter scarves…the usual.

I recently listened to the entirety of Michael Giacchino’s score for season six of Lost. And was blown away. Again. He does that to me, everytime. The music is perfect in context, like all good scores should. But it’s AMAZING on it’s own. If I was a band director, like my former high school band director, the kind that transcribed music, I would be transcribing this for my band to play. And band geek me would be totally psyched to be playing “Moving On” on my clarinet, except I would be sobbing while doing it because that’s what I found myself doing while listening to it.

Because I hear this:

And remember this:

Vincent. Oh, Vincent. That’s where I really lose it.

And my heart still breaks. Almost six months after I watched the finale. Now THAT is a great show.  And it may be a sign that I need to move on, let go. That and the fact that I made up a story about how Declan from Psych is really Richard. Also, I know I’m comparing season two of 24, and that’s not the season that beat Lost a couple of months ago for the Emmy, but there is NO comparison to the music. I am befuddled by the voters choice.

I’ll try not to disappear for so long this time…I’m working on a couple of posts about Harry Potter. And if there’s anything that you want to hear about from me, let me know. Because I’m one giant writers block lately…


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