No. Non. Nein. Não.

No: adverb, a negative used to express dissent, denial or refusal, as in a response to a question or request. Used to emphasize or introduce a negative statement. Noun, a denial or refusal. A negative vote or voter. Verb, to reject, refuse approval or express disapproval of. To express disapproval. (

Being told “no” is the most horrible thing to hear. Whether its your parents telling you that you can’t have a new toy (or candy bar or McDonalds or stay up later…) or being rejected by a boy that you finally mustered up enough courage to ask out or a not getting a job offer, “no” sucks. Plain and simple. No one wants to hear “no”.

It’s something that I’ve dealt with intimately over the past few months. More with jobs than anything else (although “no” seems to be the response every time I ask my sister if I can be the one that uses the Ohio State/M!ch*g@n ticket). But in other things too. I’m not where I thought I would be a few years ago. I’ve heard “no” to that dream too often.  Although, the “no” response is only slightly less worse than the indifference of no response at all, which I’m also dealing with.

I realize that all “no”s aren’t necessarily a negative in the long run. That toy was probably crap and would break in days; I didn’t need the Happy Meal because really, I don’t even like McDonalds; I need the sleep so I’m not cranky. We never would have worked out; the position wasn’t the right fit- “yes”es to these could lead to me be miserable in the long run, waiting for the delayed “no” from someone, maybe even me. But right now?

I’m just looking for one teeny tiny little “yes”. My sanity would appreciate it.



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2 responses to “No. Non. Nein. Não.

  1. Yes, you can become a professional interviewer.
    Yes, I am joking.
    Yes, you will find something that’s a great fit.

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