Be My Teenage Dream

First Darren Criss was Harry Potter (even though I’m weirdly more attracted to Joey Richter/Ron Weasley?) in a musical comedy version of my favorite story EVER. And he helped put that fabulousness together. Then he did it again in A Very Potter Sequel. And then? Then he capped it off with this beautiful number:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Beautiful? What? Are you nuts? More like super-megafoxy-awesome-hot.**

Yeah, I pretty much spent all weekend watching AVPM/AVPS and this clip. With a little of his youtube vidoes mixed in. I don’t even LIKE “Teenage Dream”. But make it an (aut0-tuned*)a capella version for Glee with Darren Criss (with new hair) singing lead? It becomes pretty much my favorite thing ever.

This even almost makes up for the fact that he’s a Michigan man…

*yes, there’s auto-tune on this song. Especially noticeable in the “Young for evAH” portion. But there’s no auto tuning AVPM/AVPS. So I know that Darren is talented. Glee just has this horrible notion that things need to be auto-tuned even though they have some brilliant live singers. For goodness sake, Lea and Matt are Broadway stars.

**Yeah, that’s a line from AVPM. Credit given where credit’s due.


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