Potter Week: Day 3

Today- characters

Day 3.1: Favorite female character.

Hermione Granger. And/or Luna Lovegood. I can relate to Hermione in so many ways, and I find Luna charming.

Oh! And Cho Chang. But that’s due to A Very Potter Musical, so it doesn’t really count. I just really like saying “I’m Cho Chang y’all.”

Day 3.2: Favorite male character.

Ron Weasley. Draco Malfoy. Severus Snape. The latter due to the complexity of their characters, and the former because he’s able to be the comedic relief and is still totally awesome.

And once again, most of my love of Draco comes from A Very Potter Musical. I kinda quoted him the other day walking around WalMart looking for my dad, mumbling under my breath, “Daddy, why don’t you love me daddy?” I’m sure I looked like a crazy person. And yeah, I kinda really love A Very Potter Musical, why do you ask?

Day 3.3: Least favorite female character.

Petunia. She hated her sister THAT much to neglect her INFANT son? She abused him, plain and simple. Most people would call Child Protective Services if they found out how Harry had been treated. He lived in a CLOSET. Actually, scratch that, he was LOCKED into a closet, give scraps and basically treated as a slave.

Day 3.4: Least favorite male character:

I find Dudley extremely annoying. That is all.

Day 3.5: Dead character you want to bring back most.

Snape seems like the obvious fandom choice. There are a ton of Snape-returns fanfics out there. But for me, the most devastating death was Fred Weasley. I was asked before Deathly Hallows which death I didn’t want to occur. And it was one of the twins. They are the perfect combo pack. I know so many twins, and have been told that this is like losing a part of yourself. I was okay with both or neither. But just one? It’s so unfair.

Day 3.6: Your favorite villain.

Voldermort seems like such the obvious answer here. But Umbridge…god I love that bitch (accurate description). She’s so perfect. That little “hem”. I got chills when I first heard it during the Order of the Phoenix trailer…Also, as a side note, upon reading Order of the Phoenix, my mind totally put my kindergarten teacher’s face as Umbridge’s. I’m not sure what that means…

Day 3.7: Character you’re crushing on.

Lookswise, or who would I actually get with?

Because I’m still in love with Cedric Diggory (movie version) because he is adorable. Also, he bathes. (I love RPatz. He just doesn’t bath enough anymore…)

But personality? Which really counts- I love Ron, because I get the sense that you get the package deal- a romantic interest and a best friend. He’s loyal and passionate. He’s just…wonderful. I don’t know if I could deal with the Weasley clan as a whole though…that might be a dealbreaker. Also, I like saying “Honestly Ronald” in a fake British accent.

Day 3.8: Favorite ship(s).

I have always been Team Ron as far as the Hermione ships go. They balance each other so well. And it was pretty clear to me in Goblet of Fire that they didn’t need Harry there as a middle ground anymore. (And then there’s the hand grab in the Prisoner of Azkaban movie…) It made sense to me. And Harry/Ginny is just fun. You know, the awkwardness of falling in love with your best friend’s little sister and all… .

I really was disapointed that Luna and Neville never hooked up. I don’t know why, but it just felt right. Other less conventional ships that I’ve been intrigued by (mostly in well-written fanfic) include Hermione with either Snape or Draco and Lupin/Severus.


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