Potter Week: Day 4

Today’s topic- Hogwarts.

Hogwarts has really gone to the dogs. But luckily next year…I’ll be transfered to Pigfarts! -Draco Malfoy, A Very Potter Musical

Day 4.1: Favorite Hogwarts Professor.

Minerva  McGonagall. I’m not sure why, but I like her. Maybe the way she’s a strict teacher but is still kinda cool and loyal to her house. And she’s sarcastic (see: interactions with Umbridge)

Day 4.2: Hogwarts subject you would most like to take.

I feel like I might enjoy History of Magic, because I’m a bit of a nerd and love history. But there would be a LOT of dates. That part I don’t do so well with. Charms would be fun too. Lots of practical applications. And Flitwick seems like an interesting professor.

Day 4.3: Spell you wish you could work without a wand.

How about just spells I wish I could perform at all. Because “Accio” has to be the ultimate spell for lazy people like me. Also in the running? “Scourgify.”

Day 4.4: House you would be in.

This is a good question. I’ve taken multiple quiz thingys and have gotten two different answers- Gryffindor and Ravenclaw. In my heart of hearts, I feel like Ravenclaw is my house. I got this defintion from one, and this is me…

Your answers have proved that you belong in Ravenclaw. Ravenclaws are known for their wit and intelligence, so if you’re a braniac this is a good house for you! However, there is more to Ravenclaw than book smarts. Ravenclaws also value beauty, creativity, and individuality. They prefer maturity, tastefulness, and tact. They make wise and careful decisions that benefit all involved. Ravenclaws make choices and decisions based on knowledge, fact, and logic. They lead with their minds, not their hearts and keep their emotions in check. They draw comfort from peace and serenity.

Although I do act emotionally more than I’d like. But, I look really good in blue.



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9 responses to “Potter Week: Day 4

  1. so, I am new to this whole blog thing but here goes. I have found a common interest. I love HP so much!
    4:1- Favorite professor- definatly Lupin even though he isn’t a professor anymore he was my favorite. I loved how he taught actually got them out there and into the spells. Plus he was just a great guy.
    4:2- Subject I’d like to take most….Ummm…not quite sure actually. Probably Charms or defense agaisnt the dark Arts, however not with Professor Snape.
    4:3- Spell without a wand…well lets see…anything really. I would love to just be a witch haha. yes I was one of those who sat up on my 11th bday waiting for my owl. sadly it didn’t come.
    4:4- House….this one is easy…Gryffindor or Hufflepuff. We had a HP group at college and I was in Hufflepuff but I have traits from each one. But both of those are dear to my heart haha.

    • jesslyn8706

      I love Harry Potter as well! (obviously) It’s such a great foundation for getting to know someone, and a great link for friends.
      And I think everyone sat around waiting for an Hogwarts OWL. I was almost 12 when I got into the books, and still wondered if I had just gotten skipped over the year before!

      • Harry Potter has become such a big thing now. Its bigger than Lord of the Rings. Which in a way is sad because those books are also a milstone of reading. I devoured the HP books and got all my friends and even my mother into them. My dad watches the movies with me but doesnt have time to read them.

        What are your opinions of the movies compared to the books? I have a lot of opinions lol and most are not good haha. I am hoping this last movie set wont disappoint like a lot of the movies did.

      • jesslyn8706

        Try as I might, I can NOT get into LotR. At all. Friends tried in high school and they failed. Books, movies…I just can’t do it. Which is my mom’s response to HP, so I can see where she comes from and don’t push her anymore, even though my grandparents love HP too (well, my grandpa just really like Dobby.)
        I was very anti-movie when they were first announced (in 2000? 2001?). I refused to watch trailers/commercials, but then changed my mind for some reason. I separate them in my head. There’s the Harry Potter books and the Harry Potter movies. I don’t compare the two. Because they aren’t the same. I have to do this often with adaptations. The books are obviously my favorite, but the movies are dear to me as well. They aren’t the best and I have issues with parts (like most of Half-Blood Prince) but I still like them. I think that viewing the two as different entities helps with that. I have high hopes with this last movie, and I know spliting it is going to help. They wouldn’t be able to tell the story with out completely destroying it, even more than Half-Blood Prince, in one 2.5 hr movie.

  2. Yeah, I have started to do the spliting it up in my head thing as well. I had a lot of problems before i did that with things that they didnt include or moved around. But now I am ok. I also have high hopes. I love the LotR movies but the books I have only read once. my mother thinks I am insane but its me. I am an avid reader but only certain books can I go back and re read like HP i can just go back and read, minus the first two. I cant read them anymore because I can quote them and they resemble the movies so well that I quote the movies as well while i read so i usually dont re read those two, sad i know. I agree with your grampa, I love Dobby, cried when he died as well as Hedwig, then again I cried most of the last book. the 6th one angered me so bad when Dumbledore died i actually threw the book and couldnt bring myself to touch it for 3 days. I tend to get a little to “into” the books if ya know what I mean. I also didnt like the half blood Prince, it just didnt sit well with me.

    so what other authors do you like? i posted a post about Hp and other things if you want to check it out. maybe we can be blog buddies, we both have at least one thing in common, HP! haha

    • jesslyn8706

      I read kinda fast. I got Half-Blood Prince at midnight and spent all night reading it. I finished, napped and then had to go march in a parade. Many of my band buddies were Harry Potter fans as well but not as fast with reading. It was so frustrating pretending that the end didn’t happen while talking about the book to them!
      I like so many different things. I just graduated from college, and haven’t been reading as much lately, so newer stuff has passed me by. The most recent book I read that I really liked was actually The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud that I bought because Zac Efron was on the cover. I LOVE Jane Austen, and my favorite non-Austen, non-Potter books are Little Women and Gone With the Wind. And right now I’m re-reading the Anne of Green Gables books (I really love my childhood classics apparently)
      Your blog looks great! It takes some getting used to, but keep at it!

  3. I also read fast. I finished the last HP book in one day. cant remember how long exactly but I read fast. I dont have as much time now, due to work and hanging with my sister and nephew of 9 months. My new authors im reading are christine feehan and laurel k hamilton. i love vampires and fantasy and stuff ( if you read my story you would know that haha) so when I found them I havent been able to stop. They have so many books and I love books that come in series. absolutely adore them I love being able to follow the characters through ups and downs and learn them almost as well as the author does.

    thanks for looking at my blog:) my mom is helping me with it. I have a facebook and myspace but this is different for me. I dont spend a lot of time on the comp and really just wanted a place I could put all my poems and stories and have people read them. i have bad writers block a lot i tend to get started on a novel and then i get annoyed and just stop. mostly it’ll start to resemble something ive read before and i dont want that so ill quit. but we’ll see how it goes.

    I cant eait to read your next post for HP i will def reply! I love HP could talk bout it for days. I actually want to re read the 7th books before i see the movie so I know what is going to happen. its been a while since i read them any of them. maybe i will wait till after i watch the movie haha.

    well i am off to bed. dont work tomorrow yay!!!! hope to talk to you again tomorrow:)

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