Potter Week: Day 5

Today it’s all about the fandom

Day 5.1: Thoughts on fanfic.

I enjoy fan fiction in pretty much any fandom. I know some people don’t, but I’ve found if you stay away from fanfiction.net, you get a lot less Mary Sue and out-of-character fics (unless thats your thing. And not everything on ff.net is horrible). Its a great way for fans to develop stories and expand on this world. And there are some really fantastic pieces out there. The other plus to fanfic- if you disagree with something that J.K.R did (for example, a pairing) someone else probably has too and written a “correction to it”

After the End is my favorite ever. Its long, but wonderful and fits into this world so perfectly.

Day 5.2: Thoughts on wizard rock.

I’ll be honest. I don’t really listen to wizard rock that much, unless Starkid’s A Very Potter Musical and A Very Potter Sequel count. Cause we all know I’m obsessed with those. . But the fact that it exists makes me happy. How wonderfully talented is this fandom that there are multiple musicians out there that want to create original songs about this story that we all love? I know other fandoms have this same thing (I know of one band that does LOST songs) but I feel that Harry Potter has the largest and strongest. (But feel free to disagree and let me know of another)

Day 5.3: Thoughts on fanart (+ A favorite fanart).

I don’t really have any, other than I love that people are taking this written story and using it as jumping off points to being more creative in other forms of media. Harry Potter is so much more than a book to so many of us.

Day 5.4: How have you participated in the fandom over the years?

I’ll admit. My fandom journey has been as an onlooker. I listen to the podcasts (Pottercast and Mugglecast), go see the movies/get the books at midnight, knit scarves…but I’ve never really been an active participant. It’s that way with many of the fandoms I’m in. The most active that I get is discussing it with my friends.

But like I keep mentioning, I can’t believe how amazing this fandom is and what it’s inspired others to do. Melissa Anelli from Leaky has a book, the Mugglenet crew wrote two books…and of course, Starkid has the A Very Potter franchise. (yes, I’m calling it a franchise).  This week was the 4th annual Muggle Quidditch World Cup, and people are trying to get it to become an NCAA-recognized sport. And that’s just a sampling. All because of this 11 year old boy and this amazing fantastic world that Jo Rowling (like bowling) created.


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