30 Days of Potter (In a week) Master Post

Meme compiled from the 2 Potter memes on 30 Day Memes

Day 1: Discuss how you got into Harry Potter.

Day 2: Favorite book.

Day 3: Least favorite book.

Day 4: Favorite movie.

Day 5: Least favorite movie.

Day 6: A part of the books/movies that makes you cry.

Day 7: Do you prefer the books or films?

Day 8: Favorite female character.

Day 9: Favorite male character.

Day 10: Least favorite female character.

Day 11: Least favorite male character.

Day 12: Dead character you want to bring back most.

Day 13: Your favorite villain.

Day 14: Character you’re crushing on.

Day 15: Favorite ship(s).

Day 16: Favorite Hogwarts Professor.

Day 17: Hogwarts subject you would most like to take.

Day 18: Spell you wish you could work without a wand.

Day 19: House you would be in.

Day 20: Thoughts on fanfic.

Day 21: Thoughts on wizard rock.

Day 22: Thoughts on fanart (+ A favorite fanart).

Day 23: How have you participated in the fandom over the years?

Day 24: A favorite quote

Day 25: Favorite location.

Day 26: Harry Potter or Twilight

Day 27: Your favorite celebs from the movies or fandom

Day 28: The Next Generation

Day 29: Something you wish JKR had written about more

Day 30: In general, the effects of Harry Potter on your life


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