Giving thanks

O Lord that lends me life,
Lend me a heart replete with thankfulness.
~William Shakespeare

So I feel like know I complain about what I don’t have too often. No job, no money, no boy…yeah those are the big things. But that’s not what today is about. It’s about what we DO have. And believe me, I know I have a lot and I’m incredibly grateful for that.

So here’s a list of thing that I DO have going for me and what I have to be thankful for:

  • My family. Without them I would be homeless. My parents have been gracious and kind and housed/fed/clothed/insured my 23-year-old, still unemployed self for the past 3 months. And my youngest sister tolerates it. She’s supposed to be the only child right now after all. My extended family is pretty cool too.
  • Good health. Both mine and that of my family. We’re not perfect, but in the long run, we’re doing pretty well for ourselves. There’s been 4 car accidents between my dad, my grandparents, my aunt and me this year and we’ve all walked away. No major hospital stays for anyone for anyone for anything. I’d call that a win.
  • That my aunt’s plane only almost crashed.
  • Getting interviews. That means I’m not completely incompetent. There’s hope for a job yet!
  • Getting a chance to visit NYC again. And see the musical I’ve been dying to see since the first time I heard a song from it, with most of the original cast.
  • Graduating. Although some days I long for Ohio State, I still got 4 awesome years there to tide me over. And I never have to take a class like Censorship in Media or whatever that class was that was an excuse for the professor to be a dirty old creep and watch porn.
  • Friends. I may not have many great friendships, but the ones I do have are special. Even if most of them scattered across the country…
  • Jim Tressel. And the Rose Bowl. And the second half of the Penn State game. And the last 4 minutes of the Iowa game.
  • Dale won a race this year. Even though it was Nationwide (and at Daytona where he’s a no-brainer), it totally counts.
  • Jo Rowling and Harry Potter.
  • TBS. Never thought I’d be thankful for the channel that shows Family Guy, The Office and Tyler Perry. But thanks to them the Conan I love is back!
  • Knowing what happens at the end of Lost. And liking it.

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