A very long year

I think that if you’ve read my birthday or Thanksgiving posts, you have a good idea of what my year has been like. It feels a long one. There are times I think back to things and can’t imagine that they happened this year.

A year ago I was getting ready for my last winter quarter. I was still in Columbus. Ohio State football had just capped off a successful season with the Rose Bowl and we were looking forward to a great 2010 season. Heck, I didn’t even have this blog. I had some great friends that I now miss seeing on a daily basis. I was looking forward to a trip to my favorite place (so far), New York. I had a lot going for me.

About June everything changed. I graduated. I had job interviews that were great, but in the end I missed out. I moved back to my childhood hometown, to my old bedroom. More of the same nothingness. As the year has progressed, I’ve found myself losing hope. But now, it’s a new year. And yea, I don’t have a lot to look forward to. Yet. I refuse to even entertain the possibility that I’ll be here at the end of the year. I look back on this long year, with so much change and
hope for another one next year. I hope that this is the low point, and at this time next year, I’ll be sitting around in disbelief that this was my life a year ago.

Have a happy (and safe) New Year everyone. I’ll see you in 2011!

P.S. I don’t do resolutions, because I don’t keep them. But I do realize I need to post more. Thats why I’m doing the WordPress PostAWeek challenge. This way you’re guaranteed at least a post a week. My issue seems to be finding content, so hopefully this will help!


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  1. K

    I found your blog through Twitter–I’m participating in the Post A Week challenge as well. I look forward to reading your entries–best of luck to you in the new year!

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