An uneventful week…

So here we are, Friday is here again. If you work, you’re all “yea! Friday!” But I’m not working, so its more…”It’s Friday?” Friday is also my PostAWeek deadline. So this is obviously it. I haven’t been sure what to write about. Other than the Sugar Bowl, my week was pretty uneventful. And I don’t have any strong feelings about that except for “Suck it haters.” And “How the heck did we win that?” And “I love Arkansas fans for their spirited discussion post-game….of the bands and their performances.”

So I’m stuck. So instead of anything exciting, I’ll respond to a prompt over at The Daily Post. Since that’s what they’re there for: Do you prefer to talk, text message, or a different communication method?

For me, it’s all about the person and the message. If it’s my family, I talk. For the most part, I always feel awkward talking on the phone to anyone else. But for the most part, I do it anyway because I’m not a texter.

I feel that texting has a time and place where it’s useful- short, consice messages. Not conversations. “Are you here yet?” or something like that. My 17-year-old sister and her boyfriend, in two years of dating, never call each other. They spend hours texting (says the hypocrite who used to talk to her high school boyfriend using MSN Messenger all the time…he even broke up with me on it. That quickly broke me of the habit. That and realizing that it was the biggest factor in WHY we broke up. It lead to lack of communication….)

In a text, you can’t ever properly convey your feelings, because it’s lacking context. It’s a five minute conversation that lasts four hours. And you can’t ever convey the emotions behind the words. How often do we get in trouble for making a sarcastic statement using text that gets taken the wrong way?

So now, I’m a big proponent of face-to-face or telephone. Texting, emailing, tweeting…they all have their places, but for a meaningful conversation…actual talking, using your voice is the way to go.



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2 responses to “An uneventful week…

  1. Dink

    Glad to see my forum reposting made it all the way out here!

    Maybe we’re just old school, but I have to agree that face-to-face is the way to go in the most emotionally-driven circumstances. I realize I text a lot, but it’s only ever done for two reasons: when I am trying to plan to meet up with somebody or I only have one tiny thing to say that doesn’t really need a response. Or Twitter. So three reasons I guess.

    The one advantage to texting: emoticons. 🙂

    • jesslyn8706

      That forum makes me crack up. I can’t believe that someone is debating that. Although, once in high school, a game got delayed from Friday night to Saturday afternoon because of a storm. We (the band) had a contest that day, and so we didn’t go to the game. That Monday, I had a couple football players come up to me and comment on how much the missed the band playing. So…there’s that. It also says a lot about my high school football team….
      I text for the same reasons pretty much. It’s sad, but a good majority of my texting is for Twitter purposes. And texting has emoticons..but those were only created because you can’t see/hear the actual emotion. But I have to admit, sometimes those little smiley faces are just fun.

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