Everything happens.

It’s that time again…it’s PostAWeek day! This week nothing was really grabbing me, but I chose one anyway. (And as an added challenge, I’m typing this via iPad. Which means I have to code things. And deal with auto-correct.) Today’s topic is

Do you believe everything happens for a reason? Why or why not?

Heavy, I know. But something I think about a lot. Especially now. Is the reason I didn’t get that job because there is something better out there for me that I’m meant to do? Or is it because I just wasn’t qualified or didn’t fit, with no deeper meaning than that?

I am a Christian. And in being so, I believe in God’s will. That He has a plan. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t have a choice. I don’t think that there was any particular reason that I chose to have an egg this morning. But sometimes, I wonder. Timing seems so funny at points. I wish I could come up with a good example right now. That seems to be failing me. Just like trying to decide what exactly I believe in.

I do know that I believe that everyone is responsible for their actions. And that’s the most important thing. Regardless of what you, or I, believe, our actions are our responsibility. We control them. So whether things happen for a reason or not, how we respond to them is up to us. If we remember that, it’s all going to work out.

“But, you know…everything happens.”
“Don’t say for a reason.”
“No, I’m just saying…everything happens.” –Dr. Horrible’s Sing-along Blog


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