PostAWeek has stumped me.

There wasn’t a single prompt that spoke to me. But I had to write something…even though I have another post for later today. I still felt I had to answer a prompt because of my self-imposed rules. Me not breaking my own rules should give you a perspective on how lame this story will be based on this prompt:

What’s the most trouble you’ve ever been in? Bonus: Tell the story of how you got into trouble, and how you got out.

Guys, I’m a goody-two-shoes or something. Sure, I got grounded as a kid, but never anything major (and a lot of times I worked around the no-computer/TV punishment in the later years anyways. Sorry Mom and Dad, maybe you shouldn’t have left me home alone after-school. And I’m gonna laugh if you already knew this.) and never for very long. At least not that I can remember. And I’ve never been arrested or anything like that. I’ve been in one car accident that was not my fault. Upon reading this prompt, I’ve led a very vanilla life. (Not that I’m rushing out to go get in trouble. I’m not going to go shoot a man just to watch him die or anything like that.)

The worst trouble I’ve ever been in is getting one of those “hey stop downloading torrents; we know that you’re doing it” letters for file-sharing Battlestar Galatica episodes. And I stopped downloading torrents.

And that’s it. Lame story is lame.


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