Congratulations on your self-congratulating.

So, the Oscars were this weekend. (I’m a little late on this, but I’ve been distracted by the Charlie Sheen trainwreck.) And everyone has declared them the Worst! Oscars! Ever! To which I respond…you say that every year. I thought Anne did an admirable job. (Apparently, she hates James because he left her hanging. While I despise to think of Annie hating anyone, I can see this. Because he was high and clearly did. not. care.)

Also, there was auto-tune involved.

This is one of the few times when I cheer for auto-tune. I want the full-length “Tiny Ball of Light”.

I’m not quite as gung-ho about movies as I am TV, but I did manage to see at least a part of every nominated movie. I did not get the love for The Kids Are All Right, or more so, the love for Annette Bening. I couldn’t handle 127 Hours, or parts of Black Swan. I enjoyed True Grit a lot more than I imagined, and Hallee Steinfeild has a great career ahead of her. My two favorites were (no surprises to me) The King’s Speech (Colin Firth!) and The Social Network (Aaron Sorkin! Facebook!). I’m ecstatic that Colin won, but still believe that he should have won last year for A Single Man (and if Jeff Bridges was going to win won, True Grit was a better movie than Crazy Heart but really, I wanted this next thing to happen), and then paving thew way for Jesse Eisenberg’s win as Mark Zuckerberg. And this is where this post diverges into me fawning over this movie…because The Social Network stole my heart this awards season.

I loved The King’s Speech. It was all triumphant and a period piece and had Colin Firth and Helena Bonhem Carter and made me feel good at the end. The issue I have with it (other than the simple fact of it being Oscar bait, not that it means that it’s an automatic winner because it’s Oscar bait) is that I simply don’t know if I’ll see it again. At least not anytime soon.

Meanwhile, in the other corner, we have The Social Network. I laughed with everyone else upon hearing about the Facebook movie. Becase as much as I love Aaron Sorkin…what was it going to be about? Someone using Facebook? A bunch of geeks coding Facebook? And I ended up putting it off. But that was silly because Aaron Sorkin doesn’t dissapoint me (that’s right, I liked Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip) and it’s about Facebook. I love Facebook and the way that social media has revolutionized the way that we talk to each other, but that is by far a completely different topic, even though this post is already a little rambly.

So I didn’t think twice about the movie again until the Golden Globes and it won a lot of awards. They played this hauntingly amazing theme from the movie (“Hand Cover Bruise”, for those score-nerds) and I needed that score in my life. Turns out “Hand Covers Bruise” was a gateway drug into my Social Network addiction. I’ve seen the movie six times in a month. I listen to the soundtrack continiously. It could be the score to my life at this point.

And then I’m madly in love with all of the actors. Jesse is fantastic as Mark, and even though he’s an asshole, I still want to give him a hug. And Andrew is fantastic and transformed himself into Eduardo. And it’s hearbreaking to see the interaction between these two friends and the way it dissolves and how Mark never apprichiated Eduardo, or didn’t know how to have a best friend. And Armie somehow made me like the Winkelvi. (I’ve seen interviews with them. They seem the opposite of likable.) And Justin…well, Sean is skeevy and probably always will be, but he was in a movie that didn’t suck! And Aaron Sorkin and David Fincher made us all stop laughing about the Facebook movie and become completely enthralled. And yeah, it didn’t go down like that, and even more so, Mark Zuckerberg is no longer that 19-year-old, but it’s still a fascinating story that nobody really knew. And for all of those reasons, I was rooting really hard for an upset on Sunday. I knew it didn’t look good after Hooper won Best Director for The King’s Speech, but still held out hope until the Best Picture montage was set to The King’s Speech.

All in all, I love this time. It’s when we all have hope for movies telling really good, unique stories using the best of the best (until we realize that there are 500 billion movies being made this year that are sequels, reboots, or based on toys from the 80’s. Or all of the above.)


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