Sleep when you’re dead

(short one this week, I had a different prompt planned, but the weather didn’t cooperate, hopefully next week!)

What’s the longest you’ve been without sleep?

I’ve lost count of the number of all-nighters I’ve accomplished in my life. It’s a combination of being a night-owl and a procrastinator. I pushed off doing papers, and wasn’t one to get up early to finish. It had to be done before I slept. And by the time the paper was done, the two hours of sleep wasn’t going to do anything, so why not keep it up and just not sleep? But I’d guess my longest stretch actually had nothing to do with schoolwork (because  those were in college, when I’d just crash after my class at noon…)

At band camp, which is already a week of limited sleep and LOTS of hart work in the hot sun, we’d often stay up the whole last night, just bonding as a group…for the first 3 years it was limited to your cabin mates, but senior year it was the whole class. So after getting up at 7, rehearsing all day, doing a performance, sitting through the emotional senior farewell campfires…we stayed up until the sun came up again, signaling the end of camp week, and the beginning of our senior year. Then it was time for breakfast again, and packing up and a long bus ride back. And one year, we had company back at my house. So I still couldn’t sleep. I think I made it 36 hours. And I got pretty punch happy.

And while they’re not long stretches, I’m known to stay up as late as possible every night. I love the silence of the nightime. I get stuff done then. Sometimes, the late-night hours are my most productive. As they say, you can sleep when you’re dead.

Stupid story, I know. But this was a pinch hit. Bonus post next week, I promise!


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