Teenyboppers and Twitter

I use Twitter a lot. Even if there are periods where I don’t actually tweet for a while, I’m still on, always checking my TweetDeck. A feature that love is the TwitScoop trending words. Especially when I see “Bieber” or “Jonas”. Because there is entertainment abound. (By the way, JB totally means Jonas Brothers, not Justin Bieber. Wait, what?)

Like the time that Justin Bieber played a character on CSI who died. And then all of his fans went psychotic on Twitter, failing to recognize that it was a TV show. And when other made fun of them, they lashed out, citing that it wasn’t nice to make fun of people dying and how would you feel if your favorite actor died in a fictional story? And guess what? It’s happened to me many times. I cry and move on. I don’t make a TT on Twitter citing RIP (Actor’s Name) because it’s fiction and that person most likely isn’t dead unless if we’re talking about John Spencer/Leo McGarry from West Wing. Because John actually died, leading to the death of Leo on the show.

And then there’s the time that they bombarded Kim Kardashian with death threats because she made some joking comment about how she wanted to date Justin.

And then he cut his hair, and it was all over twitter and girls were losing their minds because he was less attractive or something.

And then there’s this. An actual fact:

image via Gawker

What? I’m so confused. What is this? Is this real life? Who are these girls?

And then I remember. A time when music was dominated by another Justin.

I remember the era of the Boy Band.

We had *NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys (and other bands that wanted to be cool, but didn’t quite make it. Looking at you 98* and O-Town.)

We argued in school over which band was better. You chose your friends based on who they liked.

And then you argued over which boy was yours. It was usually Justin, JC, Nick or Brian. Sometimes Lance or AJ. No one ever admitted to being attracted to Chris or Kevin.

(I flip-flopped. I actually liked both. But *NSYNC more. And initially I was a JC girl, but then I switched to Justin during Celebrity.)

It could get heated among your friends. Can you imagine if Twitter was around ten years ago? The tweets that would have happened when Brittney Spears and Justin were dating?

@jesstimberlake: @brittneyspears back off my man. Justin and I are going to be together 4ever. I’m not gonna let ANY1 stand in my way.

@jesstimberlake: OMG you guys, @jtimberlake and @brittneyspears are dating. They wore matching outfits. I’m so sad. Jess + Justin 4ever

@jesstimberlake: @jtimberlake u should date me instead of @brittneyspears. I wouldn’t make u wear jean suits.

Would we really have acted any differently than the Bieber fans do today if we had the same tools?

I highly doubt it.

Doesn’t mean I’m going to stop making fun of the Bieberites.

Because I have grown-up and matured and am wise on the ways of the world.

But I might stop for a while. I just heard Justin Timberlake is single again. I need a plan to get his attention. Because we are destined to be together.

Justin is clearly singing to me.
Or not.

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