If I Rise

I’ve loved Dido for years. No Angel, her first US release, was one of the first CDs I owned. I kind of lost track of her though. So I was pleasently surprised to see her name on Original Song nominations this awards season.

“If I Rise” is an original song for the movie 127 Hours (a movie which by the way that took me a long time to watch and did only because of this post but I’m glad I did. I wore out the volume buttons on my remote because its the sound, not the visuals that get to me. Well, those still got to me a little. But…see the movie. Franco rocks it. And I am the opposite of a Franco fan.) A.R. Rahman, the man behind “Jai Ho” from Slumdog Millionare, composed the soundtrack. It was one of the only awards that I felt went to the wrong person during Oscar night. The lyrics are a bit ramble-y, but they work somehow. Especially in that moment during the movie. It works exactly as it’s supposed to in that moment; makes it even more powerful.  Dido said she tried to get into Aron’s head at that moment and what came out were these words that are meant to be a lullaby, have a calming effect. And it is incredibly beautiful.

Just one more call
Though I’ve never lost
Believe I don’t care
Never again

If I rise, give it one more try
If I believe, it’s more than it is
It’s more than it is

I love this song because the idea behind it is so universal- I’m going to push through this incredibly tough moment in my life and come out on the other side. It might not be quite as dramatic as having to cut one’s own arm off. But it’s something we’ve all felt at one point or another.

“‘If I Rise,’ brings me to tears every time, evoking my hope beyond the entrapment. There’s more to life than this.”- Aron Ralston

Maybe that’s why I love this song so much right now. (And why I love music so much to begin with. It’s ability to connect with a specific moment in life.) Who is to say if I wasn’t going through what I’m going through that I would love this song. Where I am now is in no way equivalent to being trapped by a boulder and facing the choice of certain death or cutting my own arm off and possibly living. But it’s not the happiest of places. But I believe that I’m going to rise.


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