The Most Remarkable Thing

I stumbled upon this song a few years ago in a fanmix for a fandom I used to be in. And it’s one of my favorite stumble-upons. Because there is no way I would have found this song anyway else. It’s different and I probably would have just hit skip on Pandora or anyway else I would have found it.

The way I see this song is as a Postsecret in lyrical form. And John Darnielle can create such incredible emotion in his voice that creates an even more emotional, powerful form.

I could quote the entire song, because each line of the lyrics is amazing and poetic and powerful, but this is probablly my single favorite section of any song ever :

The most remarkable thing about you standing in the doorway is that it’s you and that you are standing in the doorway and you smile as you ease the gun from my hand, I’m frozen with joy right where I stand.


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