Easter Traumas

Easter causes traumatic flashbacks for me.

Not one, but two highly traumatizing moments happened on an Easter weekend.

The house my grandparents owned when I was younger was literally in the middle of the woods. The house itself was very dark and creepy and ripe with places  for an overactive imagination to freak out (although that’s a conversation for another day.)

Back in the day, on Easter weekend, a local channel in Cleveland played E.T. My mom and grandma loved the movie, always talking about how they cried watching it in the movie theater. And we watched it. Every Easter (seemingly. My traumatized brain insists that all of this is true)

E.T. made me cry too. For a whole other set of reasons.

E.T. freaked me the heck out. He was one of the scariest things I had ever seen in my entire life. I don’t know why, I can’t explain it to this day WHY it is, just THAT it is.

So it’s Easter weekend. My family is watching E.T. at my grandparents house. The dark and scary house in the middle of the woods. And we’re watching the movie in the sunroom, with two walls almost completely windowed, perfect for reflections.

We’re watching the movie, and when the scary part happens (aka E.T. comes on screen), I turn my head to hide. Don’t close my eyes, just turn my head.

Turn my head towards on of the glass walls.

Where it appears that E.T. is standing in the woods, staring right back at me.

And at that moment, I was done with E.T. forever.

A few years ago, when they had an anniversary re-release, we walked into ToysRUs that had a lifesize E.T. toy. And I jumped. I was in my teens at this point. Fear of E.T. is not something I will grow out of it seems.  And I blame it all on that moment.

Why is this little girl kissing him and not freaking out and running the other way like me?

And that’s only part one of my traumatic Easter experiences.

Part two tomorrow.


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