An Old-Fashioned Day

Your phone, laptop, tablet, iPad and desktop are dead. Will you make it through a normal working day and evening? What would you miss the most?

Bonus: What would you do in the time freed up by not having these products?

I would be fine. Because it says nothing about my iPod Touch.

Okay, so that’s probably cheating.

Quite honestly, my phone dies all the time, or I forget it and I don’t care. I’m not a huge phone person and don’t use it that often, even to text.

But the rest of the items? I would probably break down. During a working day? Since I’m technically unemployed, I don’t really have working days. But I spend my days hunting for jobs and continuning to educated myself. And I’m starting to help some local businesses with their social media plans. And all of that occurs on the internet. So to not have a device that connects to the internet would be be devastating. I couldn’t really do anything job related.

And most of the recipes I have for dinners are stored on my iPad. So clearly, my family would go hungry, or have peanut butter, honey, banana and granola sandwiches (my new favorite) for dinner.

I’d miss Twitter the most. Not because I think the world would be missing out on knowing the inane things that I think. It’s mainly because I love all of the random things I find on there, whether it be for professional development or knowing that Mindy Kaling has been spelling Dwight Schrute’s name wrong for seven years.

I would probably spend my time writing (handwriting, which I’m not a fan of actually writing things that way, so it would be notes to send to my friends because that is something that I love doing still, regardless of what technology I have) and then reading. What a perfect excuse to whittle that pile of books down. Of course, most of them are building up on my iPad, so I’d have to finish my Harry Potter reread or finish all of Jane Austen. And drink a lot of tea.

Actually, that sounds fantastic. Someone want to come hide all of my electronics so I can spend the day doing that?


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