The music’s all you got

I am a child of the 90’s. My teens lined up perfectly with the heyday of boy bands. I was in junior high when Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC started to take off. And we’re at the point where it’s starting to become appropriate to be nostalgic about one’s childhood. Which is why NKOTBSB is taking off, even with the ridiculous name-abbreviation thing (and the fact that Backstreet Boys is missing a boy. But can you really miss Kevin?)

Between spending the weekend doing things like dying Easter eggs and the return of some nice weather (while it lasted) reminding me that summer may be coming and NKOTBSB performing on Dancing with the Stars, I’ve been in the mood for the pop music that got me through my teenage years. Because while my tastes have shifted in recent years, I still love coming back to that manufactured pop sound. So keeping that in mind, today’s Music Monday pick is a throwback (all the way back to…2001. MTV played music videos. TRL was the highlight of the day. I had a perm and glasses and braces. I was hot, clearly.)

I loved listening to all the various boybands. *NSYNC, BSB, 98*, O-Town…listened to them all. But if you held a gun to my head and told me I had to pick a favorite, I would pick *NSYNC time and time again. And their last release, Celebrity, is my favorite (followed by No Strings Attatched and then *NSYNC). It’s got the perfect mix of love ballads and upbeat tracks. And they’re all really entertaining. I skip over the least amount of songs from this album. Probably because it’s the most “grown-up” album. And “Pop” was, and still is, my favorite song from that album. It just sums up the music that was out at the time.

Do you ever wonder why/This music gets you high?/It takes you on a ride/Feel it when your body/Starts to rock/(Your body starts to rock)/Baby you can’t stop/(You can’t stop)/And the music’s all you got/Come on now/This must be, pop

It’s cheesy as heck, but fun and so danceable. (I have recollections of that summer between 7th and 8th grade trying to learn the “Pop” dance. I feel like I may have gotten close.) I have no idea what the difference is between these guys and the Biebs, but I enjoy them so much more. Maybe it’s the nostalgia? It really doesn’t matter though…I’m instantly put in a good mood when I pull out the *NSYNC CDs. And that’s all that matters to me.

What music reminds you of your childhood? Or puts you in a good mood? And more importantly, which boy band is you favorite?

If you excuse me, I need to go refresh myself on the “Bye, Bye, Bye” dance. I need to be ready if the reunion tour ever happens.

Don’t wanna be a fool for you/Just another player in your game for two/You may hate me but it ain’t no lie,/Baby, bye, bye, bye…


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