If I wasn’t a celebrity…

Well, I couldn’t help but notice your California plate/And I thought I recognized that name on your credit card,/You’re a movie star/Well, I can’t wait to get back home, to tell all my buddies,/That I met one of the most famous people in the country. – “Famous People”, Brad Paisley

Describe your first encounter with a celebrity

Bonus: What celebrity would you most want to meet? Least?

My first arranged encounter with a celebrity was actually a complete surprise to me (but not the celebrity.) I used to be really into figure skating. And back in 1998, after Tara Lipinski won the gold medal, she did a charity tour that included a stop near where I live. My parents had tickets for all of us to go. That in and of itself was exciting enough for me.

Either shortly before the show started, or right after, I decided I wanted a souviner, and my dad took me to go get a pre-autographed picture of Tara. As we headed back to our seats, a lady approached us and asked if I wanted to meet Tara. Well, duh. She gave us ticked to the meet and greet after the show, where I got to meet many of the skaters. Including Tara, and the men’s gold medalist Ilia Kulik, who later stared in the classic dance movie, Center Stage. I don’t remember too much, because it was a surprise and I didn’t have a camera and it was 13 years ago. But I do remember getting a hug from Ilia, which I remind everyone when we watch Center Stage.

My first encounter with a celebrity was a few years ago, when walking out of Guys and Dolls in New York I almost walked into Stanley Tucci and freaked out about it half a block later when I placed the bald guy. The next day was more of an experience though. I was having lunch in Greenwich with some friends. The little boys in the booth behind us were facinated with us. Us, being girls who love kids started talking to them. All of the sudden their mom and dad started talking to us too. We had a lovely conversation, explaining that we were visiting from Ohio State and talked about the city a little bit. When they left, we realized that the mom was Jill Hennessy.

I don’t know what celebrities I want to meet, because it’s such an odd situation. Most of the time it’s forced and awkward. And then you run into the dilemna of them not living up to your expectations and then you lose some respect for them. I think that Emma Stone would be awesome to meet.

As far as who I wouldn’t want to meet…that list is long. And it begins with Bieber. Because where Bieber goes, so do the screaming teenage girls. And I just can’t handle that.


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