I really just wanted to be Belle.

What occupation did you want as a child? Given what you know now as an adult (or more of one than you were), would it have been a good choice for you?

You know how some people can honestly say “all of my life I wanted to be a doctor” or whatever profession?

Yeah, I’m not one of those people. I barely remember getting to the job I actually chose, let alone all of the ones that came before it.

I feel like my earliest job choice was librarian. I think I thought you read all day. Yes, I’ve been this much of a nerd my entire life. I started reading before I was in kindergarten and books have always been my friend. Libraries are my favorite places, so this choice should be no surprise.

I’m pretty sure librarians do more than read all day, but I’m not sure. I’ve never found out what a librarian actually does, so it’s hard to decided if I would have been good at it or not.

I had periods of wanting to be a nurse (can’t handle blood, guts, vomit or any other bodily fluids), in politics (so not worth the headaches and the lack of job security and the endless bickering and red-tape that is never really shown in The West Wing) and a teacher (I don’t have the patience to work with that many kids).

I got to my current job choice ten years ago, when I read a profile of Delana Harvick, who at that time was still working as a publicist for a driver who wan’t her husband. I thought that PR sounded interesting, was kind of being like a journalist without actually being a journalist and most importantly, something I could do.

I’ve moved very organically from there to where I am today. At some point in college I decided I really like the whole social media movement and hey…that totally incorporates into my job choice. Even though I don’t really have a job in my chosen profession yet, I still think I made the right move.

But if I ever find out that a librarian’s job is to read books all day, I’m gonna kick myself.


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