What’s in a name?

That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet. -Juliet, Romeo and Juliet

What is the story behind your given name?

So here’s the issue with writing these before I go to bed. My bedtime is hours after the rest of my family’s, so my parents are asleep and I can’t ask them why they chose to name me Jessica Lynn. Other than it was apparently horribly trendy in 1987/88. In my class of ~140 people, 7 of us were named Jessica. And I think all but one was Jessica Lynn. So there’s that. (I just called my mom and dad out for not being very creative or interesting. Whoops. I don’t mean it guys.)

But the etymology and history behind my name is kinda awesome.

Jessica is  believed to have been first used in Shakespeare’s Merchants of Venice. It’s been debated that the name was translated from a Hebrew name in the Bible, Iscah, which translated into Jesca. In Hebrew, Jessica means wealthy, rich, God beholds. I’ve always loved the history of my name. When it boils down to it, Jessica is another word that the Bard himself made up. If it wasn’t for William Shakespeare, I wouldn’t have a name.

When I was little, and first looked up what my name meant, I decided that it meant that I was destined to be rich. I’ve since realized that being rich means so much more than just money. I hope I can live up to my name and be wealthy, but wealthy in all of the good things in life- love and laughter and friends and family.

My middle name is just as important to me as my first name. Mainly since I first got onto the internet and needed a username for a message board (I just now realized that it’s been ten years since I coined my handle. How time flies.) Lynn is derived from the Welch word for “lake”- llyn.

So I’m a wealthy lake.

That is interesting. Maybe my parent’s were onto something…


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